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After a long and grueling process, the competition presenters who will represent Enactus SFU at the 2013 Western Regional Exposition and National Exposition have been chosen. Before announcing the chosen presenters, we would like to thank every applicant for their unrivaled passion and hard work. It was truly a difficult decision to narrow the field to only ten individuals. With that said, please give a warm welcome to this year’s Enactus SFU competition presenters!


National Exposition Team:

Dylan Cameron – Director of Finance (Executive Team)

Mark O’Connor – Team Lead (Ennovation)

Nada Nosseir – Marketing Coordinator (Fundraising Team)

Ben Hwang – New Project Development (Ennovation); Representative (Marketing Campaign)


Entrepreneurship Challenge:

Lara Ahmad – Internal Coordinator (SFU Entrepreneur of the Year)

Hardeep Heer – EWMA Head of Sales (Progressing the Impact of Nonprofits)


Financial Education Challenge:

Leslie Chow – Financial Researcher & Presenter (Hunger Actions)

Taimur Naveed – Financial Researcher & Presenter (Hunger Actions)


EcoLiving Green Challenge:

Winona Bhatti – SUMS Fundraising Coordinator (Progressing the Impact of Nonprofits)

Nathan Lobo – Co-Program Manager (Progressing the Impact of Nonprofits)


Congratulations to all ten of our fantastic presenters! We’re looking forward to an exciting few months leading up to the Regional and National competitions.

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