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“Community Spotlight” is a feature dedicated to spotlighting those who were involved in the Enactus SFU community in the past, and see where they are now. The current team would not have existed without its amazing supporters and alumni.

This week, Community Spotlight features an alumnus who has a way with numbers. Elliot Lobo, long-time Enactus SFU member and aspiring accountant, played roles as a project member, executive team member, and advisor. His financial expertise ensured the organization maintained its budget prudently and helped pave the way for future Directors of Finance. Having just finished his degree in December, Elliot is continuing on his way to becoming a CA by starting a full-time articling position with KPMG in September.

Name: Elliot Lobo

Graduation: December 2012 (June 2013 Convocation)

Faculty/Program: Business (Accounting)

Positions held: 2009/2010 Project Member with Money Management (M2) | 2010/2011 Director of Finance and Administration | 2011/2012 Advisor


Q: What are you up to now?

After my term with Enactus I did the CA Recruit and obtained an internship position at KPMG for the summer of 2012. I have recently completed my degree and I will be traveling to Europe and Asia before starting full-time with KPMG in September 2013.


Q: What were your Enactus years known for?

When I started with Enactus (then SIFE), it was still a growing organization at SFU. We focused on and developed the brand name and continued our expansion of the organization throughout SFU. We created strong marketing campaigns and innovative projects to entice our members. One of our great accomplishments was taking over 30 members from our team to Nationals in Toronto.


Q: Has Enactus helped you get to your position now? What skills have you gained from your Enactus experience?

The skills and experiences that I learned from Enactus are invaluable. I got the unique opportunity to take what I learned throughout school and apply it to real projects in my own community that I am passionate about. Enactus has played a major role in helping me to develop my communication skills, become more organized, polish my time management ability and has helped me to work better in a team environment. These skills are not always easy to learn while in the classroom and through my positions in Enactus I was able to come out of university as a more well-rounded individual.


Q: Favourite Enactus moment?

During my time with Enactus there were a number of memorable moments. However, one that sticks out is the executive team retreat in Whistler. It was a fun-packed weekend and we learned a lot about each member through various team-building activities. We even went out and played hide-and-go-seek in the dark! The most memorable part, however, was the enormous amount of carbs we ate that weekend. I think we ate spaghetti and bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nevertheless, the team bonding, experiences and memories from that retreat will always stay with me.


Q: Do you have any advice for prospective Enactus members interested in the Director of Finance position?

The Director of Finance position at Enactus SFU is a rewarding learning experience. It will push you to discover new concepts and gain new competencies in not only creating financial data, but also making it easy for others to understand. Ask questions and communicate to your team members, as this will play a vital role when creating budgets or allocating resources for various projects. Most of all, it is important to step back from all the numbers and make a sincere effort to go out and understand each of the projects that your team is involved in. By doing this, you will truly understand the importance, value and impact of your position.

Connect with Elliot on LinkedIn.

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