Since its launch in April 2011, Hunger Actions has empowered low income mothers across the Lower Mainland to lead a healthy lifestyle on a tight budget for themselves and their families. Interactive workshops teach nutritional meal planning on a limited budget, smart shopping tips and instill financial literacy skills. The program also includes group cooking sessions to demonstrate how fun cooking and eating nutritious food can be.

Through the program, participants are guided towards obtaining optimal levels of health and establishing these habits among their families. Hunger Actions aims to make all workshops interactive and engaging for all participants so that parents can learn, while having a good time. Through activities, handouts and discussions, participants are given the opportunity to personally apply the knowledge and skills they learn hands on. Hunger Actions also helps participants create weekly goals to help parents begin to develop good habits and track their results.

The curriculum contains a 4 week workshop series that can be flexible towards the groups availability and needs. All content is looked over by financial advisors, professors and dietitians to ensure that all content presented is good quality.

To learn more about Hunger Actions, contact Dynamic Tang, Program Manager, at .

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