Soap for Hope’s mission is to upcycle bar soap into liquid soap. This is made possible through a partnership with Mission Possible, a non-profit organization in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Within Mission Possible lies a program called Mission Possible Recycling which collects slightly-used bar soaps from hotels.

Following this, the soap is put through a “triple-rinse cycle” of sanitation and is then transformed from bar-soap to liquid soap. It is then bottled and distributed to different vendors throughout Downtown Vancouver who require liquid soap, with our primary clients in the restaurant market.  This program prevents the soap from entering the landfill while aiding communities around the world.

The income generated from selling the soap is used to cover the wages of community members who volunteer in the Mission Possible Recycling program, as they assist Soap for Hope in the production of liquid soap.

Please contact the Program Manager of Soap for Hope, Marilyn Yeo, at if you would like more information or to get involved with this initiative.

Also visit Soap For Hope website to learn more about the program!

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